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    Clarity Boost – Brain Formula Microdose Mushrooms Capsules

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    Destress Boost – Stress Less Aid – Microdose Mushrooms Capsules

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    Immune Boost – Heal From The Inside – Microdose Mushrooms Capsules

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  • Sale! Creativity Boost Mushrooms Capsules 10

    Creativity Boost – Microdose Mushrooms Capsules

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  • Sale! Love Blast Mushrooms Capsules 10

    Love Blast Capsules (Best Before Sexual Activites) – Magic Mushroom Microdosing

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  • Sale! B Magic Mushroom

    B+ Magic Mushrooms

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    First Time Magic Mushroom Bundle – Introduction to Psychedelics

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  • Sale! Raw Mushroom By Itself

    Golden Teacher – Raw Magic Mushrooms

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Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Magic Mushrooms Brain Ipdated

You don’t need to wonder where to get mushroom in Canada anymore.  If you want the best Best Shroom Trip, check out our products that we’ve carefully put together.

If you’re looking for quality and quick delivery, when it comes to psychedelic mushrooms, we will do that for you! As one of the leading online mushroom dispensaries in Canada, our focus is to help you get that amazing trip. Whether you’ve done it before or it’s your first time, you can rest assure that the mushroom products on our store are tested, properly packaged, and taken care of with the utmost care.


Your experience on both our store and with our products means everything to us. There are high quality mushroom products selection for you to pick from. We understand that buying mushrooms online has its uncertainties, that’s we we personally test what we put up for sale. All our mushroom products go through various tests to ensure all standards are met.


We strive to provide you with the best customer service. You’re safety and overall experience means everything to us. Of course your privacy is a major aspect that we took into account. Your mushroom order will be placed in a vacuum-sealed packaging before it is shipped.


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Mushroom Experience

Fast delivery and an amazing product for a great price.

5 out of 5


Thought I'd drop a quick review on these mushrooms. I mainly micro and macro-dose(0.5g- 1.5g dosages) with a very fine grind in a coffee blender and placed into capsules. I highly recommend this for anyone starting on mushrooms. This B+ strain is great. the stems and caps are a great size for my blender. Small and manageable with no large chunks which made it easy for me to dose/measure without a scale. Lots of dark blue in the stems which I've been told is a great sign on potency. I have felt very optimistic during peak and also the day following. Most of the time when I'm feeling I need that concentration kick I'll grab these over my CBD cannabis flower/oil. I will be purchasing again when my current supply nears critical low 🙂 Try my micro/macro method, small coffee blender and capsules can be bought online. And experience the great benefits of micro-dosing.

5 out of 5


These are by far my favourite. The dose is perfect, lightens my mood and takes away my irritability. Highly recommend.

5 out of 5


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