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By Staff March 27, 2020

Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Canada changing the game by putting safety and user experience first!


Canada’s hottest mushroom dispensary has hit the market and is accepting orders now! Cybin Dose, one of Canada’s leading online dispensaries for psychedelic mushrooms, is up and has hit the ground running, offering a wide variety of products designed to ensure a great shroom trip. Magic mushrooms are the new big craze and with Cybin Dose’s high-quality mushrooms and expertly tested products, tripping just got a whole lot safer.


Magic mushrooms or “shrooms” are psychedelic mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties. They allow the user to change their perception, as well as boost creativity, foster openness, and enhance spirituality. Psilocybin is the active compound in magic mushrooms and has long been studied for its beneficial properties. Having been around for hundreds of millions of years, magic mushrooms withstand the test of time over and over again. They’re fun, they’re funky, and they’re safe!


Press Release Magic Mushrooms On Leaf


At this point, you may be wondering how to get your hands on these groovy shrooms, well, Cybin Dose has you covered. We offer affordable shipping Canada wide, and free shipping on orders of 100$ or more! With next day shipping options, tracking numbers, and sleek and discrete packaging, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Cybin Dose is revolutionizing the way you do mushrooms! No more going out to meet a “friend” and no more sketchy drop-offs! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your psychedelic treats magically delivered to your front door, Cybin Dose makes that a reality. Must be 19+ to order!


Cybin Dose makes the safety and experience of customers our top priority. All products go through rigorous testing to ensure a clean and safe product that’s been precisely dosed and packaged. Their high-quality magic mushrooms truly set them apart! As a leading online mushrooms dispensary in Canada, we offer a wide selection of products including raw mushroomsmicrodose pills, and Scooby snacks. Whether you’re looking for a creativity boost or a perception shift, we have a product for you.


If you’re new to your magic mushroom journey, Cybin Dose is here for you too, offering micro-dosing options! A typical hallucinogenic dose of mushrooms is around 1-3g, whereas a microdose is anywhere between 50-150mg. Through all their product and dosing options, you can tailor your experience to get the best shroom trip possible. Just remember, everyone reacts differently to magic mushrooms, and if you are just starting out, err on the side of caution. Safety first!


Perfectly in line with today’s culture of spirituality and human connection, Cybin Dose makes your mushroom buying experience magical. They are committed to their clients’ experience from start to finish, as they stand out as one of the best magic mushroom dispensaries in Canada. They want you to have fun, but they also want to make sure you’re taken care of. Not only do they do frequent quality checks on their products, but they quality check their customer service, how many online mushrooms dispensaries can say the same!? Dedicated to building strong customer relationships, they’re always there to help you navigate the website, place orders, and answer general product questions.


More and more consumers are turning to magic mushrooms in times of self-exploration, with one happy customer reporting: “It’s an exciting time for magic mushrooms, with more and more research being dedicated to the benefits of shrooms and microdosing. Shrooms should be widely available! If they help the public and improve health, we should be able to use them, and I love that Cybin Dose gives me that option.”


It wasn’t so long ago that cannabis was taboo, but with growing demand and obvious health benefits, it quickly made its way into the mainstream market and many see magic mushrooms having this same trajectory!


Press Release Magic Mushrooms Hanging Leaf


Customers are encouraged to browse our site, and check out our online store where they’ll find weekly sales and promos! For accurate information about magic mushrooms and experiencing a psychedelic trip, go to our Instagram page, Cybindose. Through high-quality magic mushroom products, excellent customer service, and streamline shipping, you’ll never again wonder when your high is going to hit.

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