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By Cybin Dose November 24, 2020

Magic mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, or shrooms, are edible mushrooms that contain the psychoactive constituent, psilocybin. These mushrooms are renowned for their hallucinogenic and mind-altering properties and have been long time consumed spiritually, therapeutically, and recreationally.


Psilocybin containing mushrooms can be found in forests around the world, but flourish in subtropic and tropic regions due to the humidity. Magic mushrooms found in North America are often grown inside, in environments that mimic these natural humid woods and meadows. One benefit to growing magic mushrooms inside is that the growers can control the environment, ensuring the mushrooms are safe to ingest and not contaminated.


How magic mushrooms work

How Mushrooms Work

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Most people who partake in these psychedelic delicacies choose to do so accompanied by a snack to help mask the taste. Magic mushrooms have a woody and nutty flavor, that’s easily masked by peanut butter or chocolate. Another option is taking ground magic mushrooms in capsule form, which eliminates the taste all together. Once ingested, the psilocybin is metabolized by the liver, converting it to another compound called, psilocin, which is what’s responsible for the hallucinogenic effects. The high from psychedelic mushrooms is offered referred to as a trip or tripping because some users quite literally take a mental trip to what feels like another dimension.


Dosing psychedelic mushrooms

Dosing Mushrooms

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Magic mushroom doses are often reported in milligrams or grams, depending on what kind of experience you’re looking to have. The best advice for anyone new to psilocybin mushrooms is to start at a low dose, wait, and work your way up.


Microdosing refers to users ingesting only a small or micro amount of magic mushrooms. A typical microdose is usually between 50-250 mg, whereas a hallucinogenic dose of magic mushrooms is between 1-3 grams. Taking magic mushrooms in quantities larger than 3 grams should be left to experienced psychedelic mushroom users. Ingesting 5 grams or more is what’s referred to as a heroic dose, and again should be left to only the most experienced shroom eaters. For first-timers, novices, or microdosers, smaller doses will typically be more enjoyable. For your first time, it’s recommended to take 1 gram or less, wait 1-1.5 hours and see how you feel before taking another small dose.


How to take magic mushrooms


There are 3 main ways to take magic mushrooms:

  1. Whole mushroom: Eat the whole mushroom, stem and cap, either on its own or accompanied by a snack. Be prepared to chew, magic mushrooms are very chewy and require many bites to break them down. This is one reason most people opt to eat them with a snack, it helps mask the flavor and is often more enjoyable.
  2. Powdered: You can grind mushrooms up into a fine powder and place them into capsules, or use the powder to mix in with food or brew into a tea. Powdered mushrooms have the benefit of not having to be tasted or chewed.
  3. Mushroom tea: you can make magic mushroom tea in two different ways. First, cut the mushrooms up into small pieces, boil water and pour over mushrooms. Let them steep for 10-15 minutes to create an infusion. The steeped mushrooms can be reused for another round, simply re-steep the second infusion for 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can bring water to a near boil in a pot, add chopped mushrooms, reduce heat, simmer for 5 minutes and serve.


In general, it’s best to take psychedelic mushrooms after having eaten, but not on a full stomach. Take them about 2 hours after a meal, this helps with nausea, which some people experience. It’s ok to take them with a snack, you just want to avoid being weighed down by a full meal.


Effects of magic mushrooms


Psychedelic effects affect most people gradually starting around 20-60 minutes and peaking 60-90 minutes in. The total high lasts 4-6 hours, tapers off slowly and may have residual effects for an additional 2-6 hours. Owing to the length of the trip, taking psilocybin mushrooms is best done on days off from work or in the evenings.


The larger the dose of magic mushrooms, the more intense and long-lasting the trip. No matter how you chose to dose, always take magic mushrooms with friends you trust and in an environment you’re comfortable in, whether that be inside or outside. Don’t plan for unnecessary travel, bring snacks, and water, and don’t forget your favorite playlist!


What to expect on a trip


The effects of magic mushrooms will vary depending on dose and person, however, most users report both sensory and emotional experiences. Sensory experiences such as visual and auditory hallucinations are common, colors are enhanced and more vibrant, and perception changes. Objects may appear warped and distorted and the body may experience altered sensation, particularly when feeling things with your hands. Emotional effects are heavily reliant on the setting, which is why good company and environment are critical for experiencing a good trip.


Microdosing offers a gentler experience, where users often report feeling more open-minded, creative, and calm. Microdosing is not meant to get you high or elicit hallucinogenic effects, however, perception may be mildly altered.


Factors that affect your shroom experience


When it comes to taking magic mushrooms, many factors can affect your high. Like with anything, individual differences play a role like your weight and body composition, as well as experience with shrooms and other hallucinogens, what you ate or drank that day, the dose, the quality of the magic mushrooms, and the environment you took them in.


Always purchase your mushrooms from a trusted source and reputable supplier, such as a magic mushroom online dispensary.


Side effects of taking magic mushrooms


As with any behavior and mind-altering substance, magic mushrooms may have side effects such as nausea, increased heart rate, anxiety, paranoia, confusion, and disorientation. In certain circumstances, someone might experience a bad trip where they become frightened or experience flashbacks. In these moments it’s best to stop taking mushrooms, and confide in a grounding, close friend, and wait for the negative experience to pass. Side effects are more frequently experienced when users take too high a dose, mix substances such as drugs and alcohol, or takes magic mushrooms in a setting they don’t feel comfortable in.


Magic mushroom therapy

Magic Mushroom Therapy

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Psilocybin, magic mushrooms, and other psychedelic substances have been studied over the years for their potential therapeutic effects. Currently, magic mushrooms are garnering a lot of attention owing to their ability to help treat certain mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and substance abuse. However, it’s worth mentioning most of this research happens in a controlled setting with trained health care professionals guiding the process.


There you have it, a snapshot into the world of magic mushrooms for beginners and first-time users! If you’re curious about taking psilocybin mushrooms be sure to do your research and make safety your top priority. Always buy from trusted online dispensaries and sources, keep good company, stay hydrated, and don’t forget to have fun!


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