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By Cybin Dose January 5, 2021

Looking for ways to ensure you get the best mushroom trip ever? Of course, you are, we all are! Maybe this is your first time doing magic mushrooms, maybe you’ve dabbled but haven’t found your sweet spot with them yet, or maybe you’re a seasoned pro just looking for some tips. Either way, you’re in the right place. Magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms are a safe way to tap into your creative flow, broaden your perspective on the world, manage mental health, and have fun! However, in order to be used effectively, they must be used responsibly. Below are 10 tips on how to get the best magic mushroom trip.

1. Invest in high-quality magic mushrooms

Although a naturally occurring botanical, magic mushrooms are considered a drug, and as with any drug they must be obtained from a safe and trusted source. Whether your source is in person or online, do your research and make sure it’s safe. When you’re buying shrooms online look to the website to assess credibility. The best online magic mushrooms dispensaries will include product and customer reviews, a FAQ section, blogs and news, a contact page, and a team that gets in touch if you have questions or concerns.

2. Manage your shroom dose

The dose of magic mushrooms you take will depend on what kind of high you’re trying to achieve. A microdose of magic mushrooms is between 50-250 mg and is meant to be sub-perceptual, meaning you will be acutely aware of a perception shift but not high. A typical hallucinogenic dose is between 1-3 grams, which is usually the dose range most people stay within. Taking 5 grams or more at any given time is considered a large dose and should be left to only the most experienced shroom takers. Taking large amounts of magic mushrooms rarely has prolonged or life-threatening symptoms, however, because they alter your mind, psychedelic mushrooms in large quantities can cause unpleasant thoughts, anxiety, paranoia, and panic. Extremely large doses may also induce vomiting and diarrhea.

3.  Stick to mushrooms

Stick to mushrooms

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One of the best ways to ensure you have the best magic mushroom trip is to commit to only taking magic mushrooms and not mix them with other substances. Mixing shrooms with drugs or alcohol can lead to unpredictable outcomes or increase the risk of having a bad trip.

4. Consider food and drink

Magic mushrooms are best consumed on a relatively empty stomach, however, please make sure you eat at least one meal beforehand. Aim to eat about 2-3 hours before taking shrooms, this reduces nausea and provides a better high. With that being said, it’s totally ok to take shrooms with a snack, such as chips, chocolate, or even a peanut butter sandwich. Owing to their acquired taste, most users prefer to take them with a little bit of food. Otherwise, stay hydrated, and have snacks on hand to munch on throughout your high if you find yourself either too high or hungry.

5. Prepare your mental state for the best magic mushroom trip

Although we’re talking about psychedelic mushrooms right now, this is a good tip when taking any mind-altering substance. Your mindset going into a trip will affect the overall trip experience, so one of the best things you can to do prepare is get into a good headspace. This will look different for everyone but some mindset improving activities include meditating, practicing yoga, exercising, journaling, going for a walk in nature, and talking about your intentions with a close friend. Going into your trip with an open mind and a positive mindset help ensure a great high.

6. Pick your crew

small group

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Surround yourself with people you trust and enjoy, especially if you are new to mushrooms. A good magic mushroom crew is crucial to experiencing a great high. Build a small group of people you like being around when your sober, and try and include someone who is fairly experienced with taking shrooms. A calm but fun group is what you should be aiming for.

7. Plan ahead

Plan the details of your trip ahead of time! Most importantly plan your location. Location and crew are two of the most important things to consider when trying to achieve the best magic mushroom trip. Having a plan not only helps ease pre-high anxiety but it improves the high by taking away the stress and the need to make decisions. Of course, once you’re high you are free to change your mind or plans, but having them there as a safety measure is a great idea before going into your trip. Some plans to consider are location(s), transportation (do not shroom and drive), your next meal, and an activity to do while high.

8. Make a high-vibe playlist

Music has been used to alter a variety of experiences in a number of settings, throughout time, and a magic mushroom trip is no exception. Shrooms are all about curating good vibes and music is an excellent way to set the tone of your trip. Make a playlist ahead of time, and even have a secondary playlist made in case you want to switch up the mood. The type of music you choose will depend on your personal taste, but try and avoid harsh or intense tunes and opt for more free-flowing, upbeat sounds.

9. Avoid triggers

mushroom effect

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Because shrooms affect your perception, you want to do your best to avoid things that may cause you to panic. Really crowded environments, people you don’t get along with, scary movies or television shows are all things to avoid. One more thing to avoid is the mirror. Seriously, magic mushrooms change the way you see the world, including yourself, and if you don’t feel grounded looking in the mirror can be a trigger.

10. The best magic mushroom trip is a creative one

Bring along something that makes you feel creative! Bring art supplies, a guitar, a pen and paper to write with, or something to build/assemble. Shrooms help you tap into your creative flow and anything that allows you to express that will not only make your trip better, but it will give you something to work on or admire once your high is over. Prepare for enhanced creativity by bringing your hobbies along on the trip.

BONUS tip for the best magic mushroom trip – Lean into it!

For the absolute best magic mushroom trip, you must lean into the experience. Once you’re high or hallucinating the best thing you can do is accept what’s going on and choose to enjoy it. You are the master of your mind, tell yourself everything is ok, you’re going to have a great time, and believe it because you will!

There you have it, some tips on how to curate the best magic mushroom trip! Now, we’d like to hear from you, feel free to comment down below some ways that you ensure you have a great shroom high. No matter how experienced you are with psychedelic mushrooms, remember to consider safety first, buy from reputable online dispensaries, surround yourself with great people in a great place, and have fun!

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