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By Cybin Dose January 27, 2021

Did you know, when talking about plant medicine, marijuana and magic mushrooms are often compared or even lumped into the same category!? You may be asking yourself, why? They are clearly two different things, and we agree, however, they do share some similarities. Are you wondering what weed and psychedelic mushrooms have in common? Are you curious about how they differ? Well, you’re certainly in the right place! Keeping reading to learn more.


The similarities between weed and magic mushrooms

Natural Psilocybin

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1.      Plant origin

Perhaps the most glaring similarity is that both weed and mushrooms come from plants. In fact, they remain pretty intact in their original plant form, having usually just been dried. Weed is derived from the flowering buds of the cannabis plant, which produces both THC and CBD. Magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms are a type of mushroom that contains the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin, giving them their name.


2.      Weed and magic mushrooms both have psychoactive properties

To put it eloquently, they affect the mind and alter your perception. To put it bluntly (pun intended), both substances will get you high. However, the highs do differ from one another, which we’ll discuss down below. Either way, both plants are often taken with the intention to alter the mind.


3.      Can help relieve anxiety

Both marijuana and magic mushrooms have anti-anxiety properties, however, they have to be used correctly for you to reap the benefits. Although effects vary from person to person, cannabis, particularly CBD rich strains and products, acts as a nervous system relaxant and anti-anxiety. Magic mushrooms, usually taken as a micro-dose, may also help relieve anxiety and improve several other mental health conditions. However, we’ll say it again, effects vary from person to person, as well as from dose to dose, where most people report less anxiety when using them in small quantities and in a safe, calming environment.


4.      Magic mushrooms and weed are safe

Both substances are considered safe when used responsibly and in moderation. For the best results please only consume these plants from reliable sources such as reputable magic mushroom online dispensaries or your neighbourhood pot-shop. There are also many new products being introduced all the time, so do your research before trying the next new thing!


5.      Side-effects

Using both these plants can have side effects, including upset stomach and nausea, anxiety, panic attacks, sweating, and paranoia. For this reason, it’s best to er on the side of caution and to take in small quantities and work your way up, especially if this is your first time doing magic mushrooms or smoking weed.


6.      Involve planning

This, again, is more for our first-timers and new users but we recommend planning your trips to some degree. Be sure to organize your travel and commuting ahead of time if you’re leaving your house, surround yourself with close friends, plan your snacks, food, and meals, drink lots of water, and create a banging playlist with chilled out, funky songs…or whatever else you like to listen to!


7.      Weed and magic mushrooms are fun!

Lastly, these plants are known for being fun! Especially when taken the right way, magic mushrooms and marijuana can lead to a great time. Whether you’re at a party or just chilling with a couple of friends, there’s often no shortage of laughter and creativity when these botanicals are around.


The differences between magic mushrooms and weed

1.      Laws

Although this will depend on where you live, cannabis is typically more accepted and tolerated around the world, than shrooms. Many countries have even legalized it for medical and/or recreational use in recent years. Marijuana is legal for personal use across Canada, as well as in many of the American states. Whereas, magic mushrooms remain more taboo and problematic in most places around the world. With that being said, magic mushrooms are legal in many countries in South America and are decriminalized in Portugal. However, most other countries do have laws and regulations prohibiting their use with varying degrees of severity and tolerance.


2.      Magic mushrooms and weed have different active ingredients

Although both plants get you high, the chemicals in them that get you there are very different. The psychoactive, or mind-altering, ingredient in marijuana is a compound called THC, and the one in magic mushrooms is called psilocybin. Cannabis also contains a compound called CBD, which affects the nervous system to relax you but it does not get you high.


3.      Experience and effects

Owing to the different chemical constituents in each plant, the user will have a different experience. Depending on your experience with marijuana, you may be surprised to hear that it can be considered a hallucinogenic drug. Although, rather than hallucinating, you are more likely to experience feelings of happiness, giddiness, euphoria, relaxation, lethargy, and an overall “chilled out” vibe. Whereas magic mushrooms, depending on the dose, will make you hallucinate, visually, auditorily, and by changing the sensation of your physical touch. With microdosing magic mushrooms, users will have a milder experience and feel more open-minded and creative, and usually will not hallucinate.


4.      Taking magic mushrooms or weed

How you consume or ingest mushrooms and marijuana is different too! Weed is traditionally smoked, however, you can also dap, vape, and eat edibles. Whereas mushrooms are almost always eaten. Both marijuana and magic mushrooms can be mixed in with other food, however, weed needs to be distilled in an oil first, resulting in a product called weed butter. Magic mushrooms can also be made into tea, whereas weed cannot. Lastly, both can be taken in pill form, where the shrooms will be ground up into a powder and the cannabis oil will likely be in a gel capsule.



Can you take magic mushrooms and marijuana together?


Yes! But this should be left to only the most experienced marijuana and magic mushrooms users. When you combine plant medicines such as shrooms and weed, their combined effects are different than when taking them in isolation, meaning it’s hard to predict the outcome. Some users report CBD helping with anxiety that can occur from taking mushrooms or smoking THC-rich strains of weed. If you are smoking weed before taking mushrooms, it’s best to wait until you begin to come down a bit to experience a more predictable mushroom high. However, remember, taking any substance with magic mushrooms will change your experience, regardless if it’s at the beginning or end of another high. If you are smoking weed while high on magic mushrooms, your trip may be heightened and prolonged.


No matter which mind-altering substance you are taking, please do so safely and responsibly. Be aware of the potential side-effects and always surround yourself with friends that you trust, to not only have fun with but to take care of you if things get a little rocky. Remember, the source and quality of your weed or magic mushrooms is everything! Some of the best online mushroom dispensaries pride themselves on quality, safety, and customer reviews, so these are the sites you want to shop with. For the best magic mushroom high only consume for high-quality shrooms and plan your trip ahead of time. And lastly, don’t forget to have fun!

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