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The Amazonian mushrooms strain were first spotted in the Colombian Amazon forest growing under a thick tree canopy in organic rich-soil. These shrooms possess natural chemicals that alter the functioning of your brain; psilocin and psilocybin. The compounds are among the most famous hallucinogens known. These mushrooms have white stems when fresh and young and a brown convex cap with a nipple-like structure at the top, and when mature, the caps open.

The two compounds in the Amazonian magical shrooms will cause mood enhancement and trigger hallucinations when consumed. A dose of 2.5 grams is enough to give you a good trip while anything more than this gives you undesirable effects. You will feel an energy boost, increased creativity, and focus after using these magic shrooms. The effects of the Amazonian mushrooms manifest after 2 hours of ingestion and last for about 3-12 hours depending on individual factors such as body weight, tolerance level, health status, and the quantity ingested. You can consume the mushrooms fresh or dried.

These magic shrooms are relatively easy to grow, and their vigorous mycelium layer spreads rapidly under the growth medium, making it a fast grower and a great yielder. A cold and wet climate that resembles the natural habitat with no direct sunlight exposure is ideal for growing the shrooms. A break of the veil on the cap’s edge is an indicator of maturity. The mushrooms are usually ready for harvest in 2-3 weeks and can be transported fresh under cold conditions or dried.

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